I often feel that during presidential elections, the very people that God would have us help are often ignored.

Those living in poverty are not on the agenda of either major US political party and this, to me, is unacceptable.

What further disgusts me is this idea of “vote blue no matter who”. I agree that Donald Trump is a horrible president who represents many of the worst things about this country. I did not support his campaign and I believe he has made a mockery of the office of president.

By that same token, I am hesitant to support any candidate who runs under the banner of Democrat because I have lost faith in that party too.

Both parties are just two wings of the same bird and, at their core, they will fight for the wealthy and those who reflect establishment ideals. They do not care about the average American. They care about campaign donations, votes, and power.

We saw it in 2016. We are seeing it now.

We’ve played their game long enough. I propose that we find a way to either dismantle and rebuild one of these parties or put our collective energy into a grassroots effort to build a strong third party in this country. We outnumber them and have the power to set the agenda for this nations.

Are we willing to begin working toward this?

I certainly hope so.

My heart breaks for those this system ignores. I weep for those who have lost their lives because we play this game of putting politics over people. I’ve cried out to God to give us the strength to stand and demand a drastic shift. I hope we’re for it.

My heart breaks for those whose blood is on the hands of those who would silence the revolution.

My heart breaks for my dear friend who died in this country because healthcare for all was not his reality and not having $200 for a prescription cost him his life.

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