This is the space in which I will share my thoughts. How those thoughts materialize will depend on the subject matter as well as the amount of time I have spent wrestling with the topic.

Some posts will be short, others will be quite lengthy.

You may find some academic writing here and you may also find South Alabama dialect. I apologize for neither.

Tough topics will be discussed. Religion, politics, sexuality and other taboo topics will come up. My belief in the need for marginalized groups to be treated fairly in society will be present in the content you encounter. I do not apologize.

Individuals who fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella will be spoken about positively in this space. I do not apologize.

My goal is to share thought-provoking content which will keep readers engaged and challenge them as I have been challenged. This can be painful, especially when one is challenged to rethink preconceived notions about ideas and/or groups of people. With that being said, I must warn you….in this space, you may find yourself experiencing a wide array of emotions. If something triggers you, step away and only interact with that thing if, or when, you are able. Don’t sacrifice your mental health for the sake of reading a post.

Thank you for visiting.



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