An All-Nighter

Last night, I pulled an all-nighter for the first time since grad school and…. it was challenging to say the very least.

Before I proceed, this is not a post encouraging sleep deprivation. Okay?


I pulled an all-nighter to work on something that will help me break free from the 9-5 grind. Notice I didn’t say it would free me from work. I believe that part of being a human being is to contribute, in some small way, to society if we are able.

See…. Having a job is not something I enjoy. I don’t mind working. I don’t mind taking on tasks and projects.

What I do mind is having another human being control my time. To me, there’s something disgusting about someone else being able to dictate when I can take some time to vacation with my spouse or travel to visit my friends and family.

I crave freedom. In the past, I’ve experienced the freedom of working on my own terms. It has taken me a while but I am on my way back to that place.

What’s the point?

The point of this post is simple. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little on the front end to get what you desire. You may lose a little sleep from time to time or miss out on fun activities that don’t align with your goals. It sucks, but it’s a part of the path.

I encourage you all to choose where you want your life to go and then decide what price you’re willing to pay to get there.

Only you can decide what’s worth it.


Slow and Steady

One month of 2023 is over. Thank goodness!

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions but I do try to commit to making at least one simple change at the start of each year. For 2022, I decided to get some space to grow vegetables and decide if farming was something I wanted to pursue. That turned out great and I now have a small agricultural business that I hope can be profitable in 2023.

This year, I decided to make some more aggressive changes. I’ve joined a gym, started using a planner more frequently (with the goal of using it daily) and have been working toward increasing my weekly income.

I would be a liar if I said this year’s changes have been easy so far. The truth is, I have been struggling with consistency BUT I will continue. I’m sure that the man I am a year from now will thank me.

Growth is the name of the game.

💪🏾😎 Let’s get it!