Busy, busy, busy

I hate grind culture.

I don’t hate it because I don’t value hard work. I absolutely value working hard to put something great into the world or to provide a service.

I hate it because grind culture is, for the most part, about getting more stuff. More clothes, designer shoes, multiple houses…. Stuff like that.

I think the ideal life would be to contribute something meaningful and/or helpful to the world and be able to have a comfortable life. A life is not worrying about making ends meet.

I’m currently building that life while working a full time job. There are days when it’s stressful and I want to pull my hair out BUT it’s worth it.

The life I will have at the end of this will be worth it. The freedom to not have to punch a clock or sit at a desk in a cubicle will be worth it.

Just thought I would share.

Thank you for stopping by.

Warm Regards,