Having low self-esteem is something that I’ve wrestled with for a lot of my life. It started in my childhood when I’d be given little reminders that any full expressions of who I am weren’t good enough. This messaging, given to me be well-meaning people, was detrimental because I internalized it. I learned to believe that the best way to flow through life was to fit it. I tried over and over with no success. This was difficult for me until I learned a valuable lesson.

Who I am is enough.

This was a positive lesson but a painful one. It contradicted many things I believed to be true since childhood. It was difficult to digest but I’m so very glad I’ve learned it. I’ve learned to live and love out loud without apology. I’ve learned that God knew who I was when my creation was on the table.

I’m ending 2019 with a full heart and a clear head. Gone are the days when I shrink for the comfort of others. Gone are the days when I carry the baggage of other peoples opinions. Gone are the days where I apologize for being me.

I’m ending 2019 free. I want to be clear though. The old cliche is true. Freedom ain’t free. You gotta fight for it. You gotta be willing to let people walk out of your life for it.

As we end 2019, I choose me. My gift to myself this Christmas is the experience of being FREE! (Above is a photo collage of my personal transformation as I made the choice to shave my head. Spiritually it symbolizes 3 things. (1) A fresh start. (2) The shedding of anything that is not aligned with my soul’s path. (3) Rebirth.)


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