Drink your water


Meal Time

Low carb goodness….. fried eggs, super greens, purple cabbage sauerkraut, sour cream, jalapeños, sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha, ginger, turmeric, salt &pepper.


My latest appointment was not what I’d hoped. I was at 315 lbs at the appointment and my numbers were not where they needed to be as far as my bloodwork was concerned.

The changes I’ve been making have not been doing the job so I’ve switched to keto. I’m doing this after a discussion with my doctor about taking a more aggressive approach to taking my health back. I would encourage everyone considering something like a drastic change in diet to consult a doctor first.

Having said that. I’m now at day 3 of keto and it has been a struggle. I love carbs and before deciding to go keto I didn’t realize how hard it is to eat under 20 carbs a day. It’s a challenge but one that is worth it for the fitness goals that I have.

I’ll be posting daily on Instagram @bashshares. I will also be posting here as I move through the journey. I could use community while tackling this because, honestly, fitness is something I’ve always desired to through myself into but was afraid.

I’m ready to kick diabetes’ ass.

*I am not a medical professional, I am merely documenting my personal journey with Diabetes Type 2*


Early last year, after a health scare, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I didn’t want it to be true but, alas, it was.

I have had my ups and downs with this diagnosis. Some months I win, some months it kicks me in the rear.

There’s a tendency for us, as human beings, to act as if ignoring a thing will make it go away.

It won’t.

We have to face these things head on. It’s the only way to go if we want to give our health a fighting chance.

For the next few months, my focus will be on health and wellness. I’m learning that wellness is more holistic than I’ve believed. I’m learning that your physical, mental, and emotional health really do go hand in hand.

My goal is simple. To get to a point where I can manage Type 2 diabetes without medication. To do this, I’ve got to continue losing weight, exercise consistently, reduce stress, & hold myself accountable to a low carb, mostly plant- based diet.

As a busy young professional and entrepreneur, this can be challenging. I’m constantly on the go and typically exhausted at the end of the day. If I am to live a life that is not plagued by complications from diabetes, however, I’ve got to make sure I’m being a good steward over my body.

Tonight was my starting point for this round. I had chicken, rice, and lots of vegetables for dinner with water to drink. I’ll have the same for lunch at work tomorrow. Breakfast, as of late, has been coffee and junk food. I plan to get up in time to eat a more nutritious meal than that before work. I’ve also been drinking sodas lately which is terrible for me, so I’ll be drinking water, unsweetened tea, and black coffee only starting tomorrow.

I’m sharing this here because I want my journey to help others. If you’re working to combat Type 2 diabetes, feel free to comment with things that have helped you so far.

I will beat this.

****Disclaimer****Any information shared here regarding my journey with diabetes management is not intended to treat, diagnose, or claim to cure any disease. I am merely sharing my experience .****